So I'm toning down my live rig and secondary rigs and still have lots of gear left over. This includes a whole PA System, a couple of 4x12 cabs, road cases, and rack gear. No tubes, my tubed amps/heads and guitars will stay in my studio. I was wondering if I could store this stuff in my attic which gets temps up to 110F and as low as 35F. It's not wet or has musty/humid as the basement. I would just like to keep the stuff in my house and running out of room in the actual studio and my bedroom.

All the help is appreciated
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On the "is this a google-able question?" scale, this is about a 7.6.

I'd say, maybe probably.
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So long as the temperature doesn't change massively very quickly it'll be okay.
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Yeah, if we're talking all solid state gear and no instruments, you'll be fine.

Or you could just give some of it to me...