Hey all, time to move some gear around again. I have a few items for sale/trade.
For trades, not really sure what im looking for. I need a sustainer system (fernandes or sustainiac) im open to low wattage tube amps, high end pedals, pretty much anything.

First up is a Red neck through Ibanez RGT42FM. has EMG 81/85 installed, wired to a 3 way switch and single volume pot. comes with no name case. condition is prolly 6-7/10, has some dings, missing backplate, but overall in good shape. will get pictures tonight. looking for $350 OBO

Second, i have a late 90's Gibson Explorer Gothic. comes with tkl hard case. has a dimarzio breed in the bridge, and i believe an air norton in the neck, i could be wrong on that. Guitar was signed by Lizzy Hale of Halestorm when the previous owner had it. he clear coated over the signature (not very well). Overall condition, 5-6/10, some finish cracks and chips, the clearcoat issue. but in all a solid, awesome sounding guitar. looking for $800 OBO, dont be afraid to offer!

Third, i have a Line 6 HD100 MKI Guitar Amp head. had this amp since new, about 3 years. in fairly good condition on the outside, no real nicks or bumps. sounds great, never had any issues. Good solid tube amp with awesome modeling.
$ 500 OBO

I also have an almost new Egnater Vengeance Tube Head. i dont really want to part with this one, but if the right offer comes my way, i might. has footswitch and all chords. looking for $900

PICS available by request.

Hit me up!