I don't really have any actual music in mind for this. This is just something I wrote a few weeks ago and I looked back on it again and I realized how cool it was, and I want to see if anyone else likes it.
If you have any criticism/advice, direct it towards my future writing please. I'm leaving this particular one as is.

So it goes FLASH
The biggest buck for the bang
Gotta get your cash
And the phone just rang
They wanna buy what they see
For just $9.95
Money don't grow on trees
But you make 'em feel alive

See the glitter and the shine
Make 'em say "can it be mine?"
A slick and classy line
On a quick and flashy sign
You gotta tell 'em what they want
Where to shop and where to dine
And then you keep 'em comin'
For just $19.99

Then you show who's come before,
Show them people they adore,
And if they still don't like it
You just promise them some more
Big houses with the land
Skinny bodies in the sand
For just a few grand
You supply what they demand

But now you're running out of time
You gotta do what you can
Cause you gotta keep up
With their attention span
Just know you're not the only one
Who wants to own their desire
They've got money to burn
And they're lookin' for the fire

For just a wallet and a purse
They can satisfy their thirst
But the fire's burning bright
So they'll want some more tonight
Cause it's the chaos in the brain
It's just how they were trained
To go and grab what they see
But you know it's never free

For just a minimal fee
You can pour their cup of tea
Are you fulfilling their greed
Or are you just the hands that feed
Does it make you uneasy
Uncomfortable with your job
You can quit, it's so easy
You can be part of the mob

'Cause there's two types in this world
Those who buy and who sell
And if you're not the one casting
You'll be caught in the spell
Because they say money talks
And we all listen to it's speech
Like a ship caught in the rocks
We're all just stranded on the beach

But we always remember
Where we can get our supplies
And everybody could be happy
If they would just believe the lies
So please make haste and make speed
And bring your children and your wife
'Cause we've got everything you need
For just a dollar and your life.