Hey guys, well today is the day I go to see Rush today in London, gig doesn't start till 19.00, I'm so excited?

Anyone else ever seen them live?
Couldn't see them this year. My friend and I have been going for a long while, since high school. I've seen them 8 or so times. Favorite band, hands down. You're lucky.
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This is the best idea I have ever heard. Ever.

Naedauuf for president people.

Saw them in '86. Definitely bring earplugs with at least 30 dB attenuation. I saw the Black Keys within the last several years and my ears were ringing constantly for a few days even though I was wearing 20 dB rubber earplugs that I use on stage a lot, and even though I was in nosebleed seats.

Enjoy the show!
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Going in July. It will be my forth time.

Go forth, and enjoy Rush.

jeezus that was cheezy
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Maaaaaan, I wanted to go back in November but shit was expensive

i've seen them twice and each time has been fucking unreal

have a good time, bro
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You all are lucky ****s. I should kill y'all and steal your tickets.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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I'm going in London tonight as well
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Oh God I lol'ed

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Go forth, and enjoy Rush.

jeezus that was cheezy

Wow I messed up that one pretty hard.