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I've got a plywood body, double humbucker guitar, where I've wired in a dimarzio evo in the bridge and a duncan '59 in the neck. My issue is that I can't get it to ground via the bridge (strat style). When I hold the grounding wire, all hum vanishes but when I connect it to a screw into the body, it still hums.

Any suggestions?

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I can ground it, the same way as I've done several times before, it just won't stop the hum. Could it be relative to the plywood body or the screw material?
What you're saying doesn't read like you're connecting the ground wire to the bridge at all. Sounds more like you're just connecting it to a screw that's screwed into the body somewhere.

To answer your questions: no, the plywood doesn't make a difference. No wood is conductive so it won't be part of your ground. Similarly, unless the screw is non-conductive that won't make a difference either, but if the screw isn't connected to something that will ultimately earth through you it won't stop the hum.

What will make a difference is if there's no route from ground to you. That's why your ground needs to be connected to the bridge. Ground wire->bridge->strings->your fingers->you->earth. So touching the strings stops the hum.

I'm fairly sure you understand this and it's still us that isn't getting exactly what the problem is.
Screw into the body? The few strat-type guitars I've seen have the ground wire running from the back of the pots/control cavity shielding to the trem springs claw.
Thanks guys,
I've taken some photos to illustrate my point better!

This is my ground wire, when I solder it straight onto the claw, it makes no difference

however, when I hold it, it stops all noise and hum

This is my creation for viewing pleasure!
If you solder the wire to the bridge and you touch the bridge on the front of the guitar, does the hum stop

If so then its working fine.

If not. touch the claw and various spots and make note of where the hum stops and where it doesnt.
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I might be wrong on this, but you still may receive some levels of hum due to the fact that it does not look like the cavities that house any wires are shielded, whether through paint or copper tape. I think that if you were to do this and then properly connect the wires and do a decent job of soldering the hum should go away. You will essentially be creating a Faraday Cage.
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Phoenix V, hum stops when I touch the bridge when the grounding wire is connected to the claw.

Bobafettacheese, I haven't shielded any cavities.
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Phoenix V, hum stops when I touch the bridge when the grounding wire is connected to the claw.

That's normal operation then and nothing to really worry about.
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That's normal operation then and nothing to really worry about.