Think you've got a dysfunctional workplace? You're not the only one.

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Fox is bringing work home from the office with its new reality show Does Someone Have to Go?, which premieres Thursday at 9/8c. In the series, the latest creation from veteran reality show producers Mike Darnell (Joe Millionaire) and Cris Abrego (The Surreal Life), company power is turned over from management to the employees. The employees must then select three underperforming co-workers who run the risk of getting fired if they can't change their tune.

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The Chicago-based company VMS is featured in the first two episodes. VMS has a host of interpersonal problems partially because it is controlled by a sprawling family executive leadership. Most of the 70 employees — at least the ones who are featured on the show — are not part of the family. "This wasn't the typical reality show where you get sent to a mansion or an island of some sort," Abrego tells TVGuide.com. "There is no prize. There is no host. The owners and boss really conducted the two days of the event."

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Abrego talked with TVGuide.com about the show's origins, the difficult casting process and its similarities to The Surreal Life.