Hey, folks. This is a song of mine that I'm fairly proud of, but I'm willing to take some constructive-crit. Anyone care to listen and give feedback?


Ignore the random wankery of my other songs. I just feel like recording sometimes, and I don't always care about the quality of the piece itself. Mostly just for mixing/mastering practice.
The rhythm is good, and I like the song, but the problem here seems to be that the guitar is way too loud, it kind of absorbs the vocal track at times. It's really noticeable at the start, but it gets less distinct as the track goes on. The solo is pretty great, but the fast runs seem to be a little, dry perhaps? They seem a little too palm muted, maybe that's what I mean to say. I think that they could flow better - maybe adding a little bit of reverb or delay could fix that without having to re-record it.

I'll definitely give you C4C, but I don't have much experience with this, so don't expect much.

Thanks a bunch for your input!

EDIT: I think that the reason the leads sound dry is because they were recorded on a high-gain channel, using very little gain. I think I had the dial set at about 1 or so. I dunno...I never liked reverb on my tracks, to be honest.
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