Im looking into buying a new amp. I've never owned a tube amp and Im currently looking into all these low wattage amps. My current gear is a line 6 2x10 spider 2 amp and I play through a shecter hellraiser solo with emg 85/81 pickups. I should note I do not own any pedals. I like metal. At heart Im a metal head and really I learned to play the guitar by mastering Metallica's main riffs. Today however, Im much older (with kids of my own) and find myself more interested in a "Foo Fighters" kinda rock sound. Don't get me wrong though, I still do like playing metal.

My question is which amp am I best suited for? I was looking into a blackstar ht1 and a vox ac4. I aware that the vox is not suited for metal but could I use a pedal to get what I want? I like the vox for the fact that the wattage can be adjusted between 1,4 and 1/4.

Also this might be a silly question but what exactly is implied when you "boost" a clean or distortion channel? Is it simply a distortion pedal on top of a distortion channel and vice versa for clean? This is primarily why I dont own a tube amp because I don't know how to maximize the tone.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Well you didn't tell us your budget so I'll spend all your money..

Those mini amps are okay I guess but they are kind of like buying a 4 cylinder car. Why screw around, get the real thing. And no real metal head would get his distortion from a pedal.

When I think of metal and Foo Fighters I think Mesa Dual Rectifier. A used head and a 212 cabinet and you'll sound exactly like your favorite metal bands and David Grohl because that's the same rig they used. Pretty much any green painted pedal in front of the amp with the level turned up and the distortion turned down and you'll have one of the best metal guitar rigs you can buy.

Option 2 for Metallica sounds and metal would be a used Mesa Mark IV combo. It's a badass amp and a little more rock oriented but the high gain sounds are wicked. I've seen these things selling used for $800 which is not much more that some of those mini rigs. Your EMGs thru the high gain channel are a classic metal sound.
I love my Blackstar HT1R. It sounds fantastic and I can play in my room while my girlfriend is asleep in the room next to mine... not even using headphones.