Broke these chains that bound me,
Steering on a course thats true.
Chased out this demon inside me,
The real me, ill give to you.

Thrown away the needle,
Give me something new.
Lets be together always,
Permanent - Tatooed.

Take me as i am,
With my heart on my sleeve.
I know i can be a better man,
If you could just believe.

Think about the future we could share,
And not the pain you've felt.
Make this cold heart even care,
Hold me up - Be my belt.

Give me something to crave,
Be my new addiction.
Let me be the one you save,
Draw me out of my affliction.

Temptations i have had,
But now im truelly free,
Its been a long time coming
Standing strong now like the tallest tree.

Do not feel sorrow for me,
It was down to my own devices.
It was, and will forever be,
Both a drama and a crisis.

You always wandered how this could be,
My mighty fall from grace.
Use your eyes to do more than see,
Whats written on my face.

So this is for you my savour,
I write this humbly with an open heart.
Keep yours for me still burning
Should have told you from the start.

But if you cant and scarred forever,
As loving words have been so few.
Not going back,Not now,Never
Still, the real me ill give to you......
Some of what you are saying is correct and thank you for your interpretation.

However think more about specific words such as

demons inside me, addiction, affliction, needle, crave, temptations, free

See where im going??......

Again thanks