John Wesley Hardin was a notorious American outlaw and controversial folk hero of the Old West. Throughout his life he was a school teacher, gambler, cattle rustler, gunfighter and lawyer and is known to have been admired by "Wild Bill" Hickok for his prolific gunfighting skill

EDIT: Here's a link to the SoundCloud, quick, demo version I did just to give you an idea of the vibe. It is really rough.. John Wesley Hardin

Hangin' by the side of the road,
the gallows stand tall, the nooses sway tight
The dead men die

Early mornin', dawn in the town
Sun rise up, crosses over the sky
and settles back down behind the mountain again

And the dust rolls by the feet of the people flockin' to the street
and around the body of old Benjamin Bradley..

Standin' twenty paces back, with a smokin' gun in his left hand
John Wesley Hardin he was a hell of a man

John Wesley Hardin, Bonham, Texas born an' bred
Never out of trouble
always runnin' from the lawmen

They put the lives of 42 on his 25 year old head,
and sent him down to prison
'fore someone shot him down to Hell

Walked outta Marshall
Smalley and Stakes dead on the floor,
Rode out on horseback, death count at 44

Met Wild Bill Hicock in the town of Abilene,
Bill said, "John I know you ain't a bad man
but you sure as God ain't clean".

He took Johnny's pistols but as sure he gave 'em back
No one knew if it was an act of friendship
or that of a diplomat..

the El Paso lawman, Selman Sr. took his stage
Talked like he owned the town, wasn't afraid of takin' names

John Selman Sr. he was a man of questionable morals
Shot John in the back of the head in the Acme Saloon Parlour

And now he's hangin' by the side of the road
John Selman Sr., with a noose around his throat..

John Wesley Hardin was a man buried with his name,
No one need testify, no one to take the blame
Now in death they're both the same

One died a criminal, the other died a crook
John Hardin, John Selman they lives both took
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