also, if there are any other threads around the forum which have already answered this, could someone redirect me to it.

Much appreciated
Try the Singing and vocals forum instead of the Musicians talk forum, there is a thread there for screaming and growling.

Also, check out this guys videos. They are by far the best on youtube for learning and understanding screaming.


Tips: If it hurts, you are doing it wrong. Don't listen to people that say that it will hurt but you have to pull through it to learn to scream, cause they are wrong and you will most likely injure yourself.

I do screaming and growling and i haven't damaged my voice at all, and i never experience pain when doing it.

And don't try to sound like anyone else when screaming and growling, if you do you will most likely do something so that you hurt yourself or you won't be able to get any real power behind your screams. Screaming is like talking to a sense, everyone has their own voice, don't try to change that.
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