Hey writing as I listen!

Intro really sets a vibe fast. The little sound at the start was good. What was that sound? Like a guitar scrape with echo? Pianos coming in now sounds very "epicish" and atmospheric. Especiallyt with the background noise. Bassguitar going in now, nice. It's giving me a good vibe somehow it kind of reminds me of "La Dispute" especially now that the vocals come in. I'm not really well versed in this music though so I might just be generalizing the whole genre, so sorry if I do :P. But I like La Dispute so that's a good thing. The drum is nice too, the tone on the Hihat and on the snare is really good. The kick also hooks right in with the bass guitar. Sounds good. I like the vocals at 2:20 it's like "emotional" (In a non emo but genuine way) but it still has this small "tingle" of melody that really takes it some nice places. Kind of reminds me of old-schooler punk that way. The more brutal part at 3:10 is nice. Perhaps the vocals could be a bit less "Sharp" at this part. It sounds rather harsh (And ofcourse screams should sound harsh, but mix wise it could use some more low mids / lows to give a bit more punch and make it a bit less raspy). The double vocals were nice. The end was a bit abrupt but fitting since you just ended with like the climax. Perhaps you could put osme more emphasis on the last "Pam pam PAAAAAAM" because it's like only after I heard it I was like "OH WAIT THAT WAS THE ENDING CADENCE". If you get what I'm saying. Sorry for the wall of text. The art of the thing looks nice too by the way. The whole thing kind of glues together nicely. Sounds good, once again really gives me a kind of La Dispute vibe but in a different way. I thought the vocals leaned a bit more on actual melody then La Dispute does, which I enjoyed because it has these small "micro-melodies" or howevered you'd call them where the overtones of the voice somehow match up to something pleasant (yet dramatic).

Tl;dr: Nice song, really got a vibe going and kept that vibe up throughout. Production wise it's really good in my opinion. It's like I didn't even notic ethe production so it's just good.

Feel free to check out my song if you have time:
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really like the intro - water drops and a serene violin effect on guitar, I believe. The guitar sounds lovely, the piano adds in extra spice, it's all very lovely, and the bass and drums are great when they kick in. The vocal styles are interesting, but not quite my style, but that's only a matter of personal opinon. Regardless of such, they're very unique - sort of a mix between singing and spoken word. I like it. It really gives a melancholic, hopeless feeling, all of it. The heavier section feels very heart spoken, and rough. The vocals get a little abrasive, but I like that.

All in all, I really like it. It's not much like something I've heard before - I LOVE the way the spoken word sections fit in. Will definitely consider pre-ordering this one. Also, you've got a like from me on Facebook. I'll see if I can share it around a bit, but such will likely not wield a lot of results. (Sorry, not a lot of people like my page.)
Any sharing is good sharing! Thank you for your feedback~ I'll listen to anything posted after I finish new Arrested Development