I've been playing guitar for a couple of years now, and have been using the same strings.
They're d'addario XL nickel wound(with the orange circle on the pack)
Anyway, i love the strings ,but haven't used any others since ive started.
I play and Ibanez and usually play blues, heavy metal, deep purple kind of stuff and so on.
I'm looking for a string that is easy to slide on and bend(especially bend).
Any recommendations or thoughts would be great and appreciated.

Oh and I have a Floyd Rose, so should I be buying strings that are longer or heavier or lighter?
nah just use whatever you find comfortable (for the floyd).

it's up to you really regarding the strings, the easiest thing to do (if you can be bothered changing strings a bunch of times) is to buy a bunch of different strings and see what you like.
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^Agreed, strings are a very personal preference. It's worth trying different strings although if you've been happy with the strings you've been using for the last couple of years you may end up going back to them. The major difference would be getting full steel, core and winding, good for a bit of top-end and an overall old-school sound. I quite like them, would recommend trying them, though they're not everyone's cuppa.