god plays with us the way a cat may play with a mouse;
ultimately the plaything will be devoured
as a morsel by a mortal,
immortal as god persists us to believe.

when we all avenge our births,
when god is alone, he becomes mortal
for he does not exist without faith,
and only we have that faith for him to exist.

kill us, kill himself.
our capital Punisher
finds himself in a quandary
of his own wrongdoing.
i like this piece especially the first section. normally i don't really like dark lyrics but this is an exception. is this a song or a poem. if it's a song i'd like to hear it. sorry i don't have much critique for you.

if you want you can critique my song "personification".

thanks for sharing.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.
This is really missing the satire and witticism a subject like this deserves, I feel.