HI! I've playing bass for about 5 years, always playing a 4 string. Now I want to try a 5 string.

I've looking for a nice 5 string bass (or 6 one perhaps) and from all I've found, I choosed 2.

Cort Artisan B5


Irvine 5 or 6 string Grover

What do you think? Which one would you choose and why?

By the moment, I would go for the Cort, but that Irvine looks pretty good (and also it's neck through).
Neck through doesn't make something better, i hate neck through's. I'd go with the cort, never a let down, great quality. Good sound too.
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Corts are terrifically wellmade though in factories where the workers aren't treated too well. Check this on Wikipedia. My Cort,bought secondhand before I read about their working practices is my go to guitar. My neck through Gibson has great sustain and sounds lovely but I suspect there are good guitars of all types.

Don't listen to us though, try the basses out, listen to them, see how they feel,after all it is a very personal thing.
You should always try a bass out bevore you buy it.
That said, i'd go with the cort, it will never let you down!
i used to have one and to this day i regret selling it.
I dont think there is a other company that makes bass of this quality ag that price exept for maby the new squier vintage modified, but thats a whole other type of bass
According to Wikipedia Cort make the Squier guitars (also Ibanez and G&L), it doesn't say which ones but if they are made in Korea you may be choosing between two Corts.