you're a very talented player/writer and i really enjoyed this! my favourite parts were the beginning riff and the part beginning at 2:30ish, i think that one of the strongest things about this piece is how you manage to make the notes in these riffs/segments work together so well in an unpredictable fashion. you should definitely incorporate that skill into future pieces. the only things i can critique on would be that i think the backing track could be a little louder, perhaps have the guitars panned differently so that the mix could sound more fluid (imo), and the part from around 1:10ish onward to the end of this segment sounded a little off rhymically. aside from those things i think that this is a very interesting instrumental piece that was very well written. good job!
Interesting piece. Thought it was going to be mono in the left ear for a second when I heard the intro, heh. Anyways, I like the intro bit, and when the drums come in, the mood of the song changes a lot- it's very upbeat, which I very seldom hear on an acoustic guitar, so that's interesting. Either way, I have to say it sounds pretty good. The outro is really interesting - melodic, yet still retaining that upbeat mood that the track held.

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Really nice acoustic tone and recorded extremely well. Great spacing out of the different acoustic tracks. Some really excellent phrases and patterns that you come up with. Like the drop back to that opening riff in the middle. The muted section is a nice dynamic change. The thickness of the sound at 3-00 increases a bit, and that adds to the climax - a lot. Perhaps maybe a single riff spaced out wide - a lot goes on in the centre of the mix with not many acoustic phrases panned to a far side. But overall it was a really high quality piece with a lot of intricate ideas, enjoyed it a lot!

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