Hey everybody!

So I recently joined this metal band and there AMAZING i'm suprised they let me in.

The problem here is that I have a tense picking hand. Like i'm always stuck around the 120-127 bpm sixteenth note range. And it's been this way since like around the summer time of last year. and i've been drilling it hard ever since I joined the guys back in december. I just REALLy want to get past this stupid rut...

I practice everyday from about anywhere from 3-6 hours, depends on how my day is. sometimes 7-8 on the weekends. I'm so dedicated to get out of this rut. and since summer is coming, there will never be a day I don't practice for a minimum of 4 hours. adn i will admit, sometimes this has made me NOT want to pick my guitar somedays and I don't and I HATE that so much....I practice like i'm supposed to with starting slow and getting faster, but it's just a dumb endless cycle of the same bpm every time....any suggestions??
Practice speed in bursts.

You can easily play the 16ths in, say, 65 bpm so do that for a measure then play 32nds (equal to 125 bpm 16ths) for half a measure or so. Just do MOST of your playing at the slow speed and play the double-time bursts sparadically and for short periods.

This trains your hand to associate the easiness and relaxed feel of playing 60 bpm with playing 120 bpm, and so on. Make sure you are not changing your technique, hand tension, pick attack, or anything else when you do the bursts. It should be the same exact motion, but twice as fast. If you can't do it without tensing up, go slower until your bursts are just as relaxed as your slow 16ths.

This is how classical guitarists build speed, I got the technique from Scott Tennant.

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very hard to tell without seeing how you play, how long you played , etc, but if I were you I would start assessing how good my LEFT hand really is, NOT my right hand. Lots of people think that the problem is the picking hand, but in many cases that's not the case at all.

Can you play legato in sixteenth notes at 140 bpm and beyond? With legato it should be very easy to do that, after a little practice. If you find it hard, it's your left hand that's not up to scratch yet to break the barrier you speak of. What happens is that the left hand will impede the right hand to play faster.
Thanks for posting the Pumping Nylon vid. I have the book but have never see the video before. Some of the exercises are great and can be easily applied to electric guitar.
I'd recommend Pumping Nylon to any guitarist. It's easy enough to adapt the technique exercises for pick playing, and you get a lot of mileage doing them as daily warm ups.