I am currently in the process of upgrading the Floyd Rose tremolo system, on an Esp Ltd F-250 that i picked up from a flea market, to something of better quality, than the licensed Floyd Rose tremolo it is equipped with now. the problem is, i have my eyes on a bridge, but it has an R3 nut and, the F-250 has an R2 nut on it. since the difference between the nuts is only a millimeter, I really don't think that makes much of a difference, since I can use the original nut, or buy another R2 nut if need be. But will this cause the string spacing to be negatively affected, or could this cause tuning instabilities in the instrument, when using the tremolo?

Is it possible to just drop the bridge in without any work to the body of the guitar, or will the new bridge be too wide to fit in the current space for the FR?

I have some experience with Floyd Rose tremolos, so setting it up etc. will not be a problem.

Thank You, for those of you, who help me with my question.
measure from post to post and get an OFR to drop in, it'll be easier and more reliable.
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If your neck already uses an R2 spaced nut, get an R2 spaced nut. The new nut will have to be machined down slightly so it is the correct height. You can do this with a file pretty easily.

Get an Original Floyd Rose. The one made in Germany by Schaller. Schaller also makes their licensed version which is pretty good too, but in general you'll want to go with the "Original" Floyd Rose variant. Anything that is routed for one of those should be a direct drop in. I've never had any problems before besides the string radius being too flat.
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