So I finished my glow in the dark guitar project a while ago (3 humbuckers in an old strat) the finish wasn't great but glows. Anyway, somewhere along the line I decided to put a piezo in the bridge so just bought a cheap transducer and attached it to the metal inside the bridge. I made the stupid mistake of literally wiring both the piezo an the magnetic pickup volume pots straight to the output jack. Now when either is on zero, it acts as a killswitch, diverting the other signal to the ground. I haven't strung up the guitar so I don't know exactly what effect this all has but I imagine the pot for the piezo and the pot for the magnetic pickups' volume probably tamper with one another, so I'm wondering about getting either a selector or a blend pot or something? Any advise or suggestions about how I could rectify this would be greatly welcomed

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