Hello fellow UGer's. I am currently working on my first feature length film with a few friends and we are nearing the end of our fundraiser. At each donation level (as low as 10) you get various 'perks', the lowest being a free download of the film. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know this is a longshot posting it here, but we are desperate during our last few days of campaigning.

Here is a link to the page and a brief description below it.

Link to fundraiser page

Alexander Hamilton is a study of the absurdity of existence. It is representative of the tribulations of attaining meaning in a world seemingly devoid of any. The film follows the two main characters--Alexander Hamilton and Sylvia Wright--in their quest for said meaning. The aim of this film is to convey the human experience, an experience wrought with relationships which may at times be alienating and distant, but other times engaging and transcendent. We want to encapsulate the absurdity of youth and the construction of subjective realities which come to define one's being. We believe our narrative encompasses universal struggles which are expressed through our hero, Alexander Hamilton, as we catalogue his fascination with mediocrity and his attempts to transcend such mediocrity. This is a story that I've lived, as I'm sure many others have as well, and hope to inspire introspection and contemplation amongst the viewers.
Aren't you that guy that wrote that song about me? More importantly though, will there be aliens in this film? Will it actually be shot on film? All of these questions are important.
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Is it bad that I only view those things to look at the perks when you donate the highest donation?

Then I see it and I'm all like "Hmm. I wonder if it's worth it..."
Then I think "Yeeeah I bet it's worth it. Just imagine. Me. Soaking up all those perks. I don't even care what their cause is, I just want to be pampered. Because I am a king. And you can't have my money unless you treat me like one. Ahh yeaaah."

Then I stop my fantasizing and realize I don't actually have any money.

btw I totally didn't read OP in case you couldn't tell.
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