Hey all, thanks for looking and I just wanted to post my new song with the Steven Slate Drum Machine.

I would've just posted the MP3 file, but I was already uploading to Youtube so I just posted the link.

Will C4C.
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
Writing as I listen:

Ok so that's them MIDI guitars. Perhaps this song would be more suited if you posted it in the Original Tablature section. A lot of people post their Guitar Pro's there. It sounds kind out of place in "Original Recordings" since you didn't record anything.

Anyway back to the song I'm at 2:00 in the meanwhile. The intro was rather atmospheric in a grim dissonant way which was quite nice, although it's very hard to feel atmosphere when you're hearing the Guitar Pro guitars. I like the reprise to the intro at 2:30 felt really in place there. Oh the solo you did at 1:30 was kind of random, will need to hear that on real guitar to judge that. The solo at 2:55ish is a bit more coherent but could perhaps still use some work. I feels like you're trying to cram 100 themes into one solo, and it doesn't really flow well. The Left/Right thing at 3:20ish is a nice touch. The start of that solo feels odd with those pentatonic riffs in there. This song is not suited for pentatonic soloing some more outside / evil tones would be better. The outro doesn't really sound as an outro felt a bit like an abrupt stop.

In general the song is Okay I'd say, but it's hard to judge with the Guitar Pro / SSD combination. Perhaps it would be better if you either posted the guitar pro of it in the Original Tablature subsection or recorded it whole to comment on here. (I suggest the latter because recording and mixing is fun). It might sound odd but I would have found it easier to give usefull comments on the song if it was completely Guitar Pro since I'm very used to the MIDI sound but this half MIDI, half SSD drums makes it unfamiliar and hard to assess so sorry if my advice wasn't very usefull.

But anyways you're heading in a nice and grim landscape songwriting wise, and I'd be curious to hear where you take your music. Some details could use some polishing tough because sometimes things didn't completely "connect".

If you want to give your opinion on my song that would be awesome: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1603090
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