Writing as I listen. Intro sounds cool, very atmospheric. It feels a bit like one of these "Smooth" tracks. The guitar tone fits rather well there. It feels a bit like a realy sexy saxophone. I'm at 1:00 the part you introduce there is pretty cool, the whole thing has quite a 80s feel somehow. It really takes me to like 80s fantasy movies and the way they set atmosphere with dolls etc. instead of animation. The solo you're doing there is nice. At 1:30 it gives me more of a fluid Satriani/Vai feeling. The "picking" sound of your tone sounds very smooth. The kind of "harpichordish" thing that you start at 2:20 gives me them 80 feels again. It remains very atmospheric throughout and I'm feeling a slight buildup here with the faster soloing going on here at 2:40. All the notes you hit are very fluid and tone is like a running liquid. Pretty nice. Perhaps you could make the tone a bit better by making it a bit less "harsh" on like the highs. It kind of feels like you just an amp simulator / FX processor and didn't put on a cab simulator so that would be room for improvement to make the tone feel a bit more "real". The little key interlude somewhere at 4:00 is nice. The guitar comes in nice, could perhaps be a bit more of a "spectacular entrance" there but the current thing you've got going gives no reason to complain really. At 5:08 it felt a bit if you were improvising with that first lick first and then it kind of felt like you didn't really know where to go at from 5:00 / 5:13 leaning a bit much on the pentatonics. The outro is nice could perhaps be a bit "less" abrupt, perhaps more of a building down thing with perhaps a bit longer part without solo.

So to summarize short:
Very nice atmosphere and nice song. Production wise it sounded good, guitar tone is really good already for this type of thing but could benefit from being more "real". Get a cab simulator (Like an impulse loader or something, that stuff is free to get everywhere), or if you already have a cab simulator play arround with some different impulses. Or if that actually was a real amp play arround with your microphone position.

I didn't read the creation myth by Tolkïen but I can imagine this going well with one of his stories. However in the description you talk about a "Battle" but I couldn't really feel a battle in this song. It felt way too "mellow"/"smooth" for a battle. But then again I'm not sure if there is a battle in the part of the story/the story you did.

Anyway nice.

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https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1603090 but it's completely different from what you're doing so I'm not sure if I'd be within your taste, so if you don't like it there's no harm done.
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Interesting. Really like the sound of the keyboard backing track. The guitar is very calming, and the whole atmosphere is great. Around 43 second in, the backing track gets a little more complex, and that complexity kind of masks the guitar at first. But it quickly balances out. The switch back to guitar at 1:20 is very soulful, heartfelt. I love it. Excellent piece.

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