Title says all. Money is not a problem. Any recommendation?

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if this thing melts again i'm takin' it to bugera headquarters, puttin' a bag of fecal matter on it, ringin' the doorbell and flippin the switch from "standby" to "on", and running.

This wasnt even a cool story... Bro.
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Fender Deluxe Reverb.

+1, I saw a great version of Fried Pies by Wes Montgomery played on a Deluxe just recently and it sounded awesome!! Otherwise a Roland JC120 would be great for Jazz.
I don't see the logic of spending more money than necessary when the Fender Blues Jr with A Celestion Alnico Blue speaker is the perfect small combo amp for Jazz Blues.

However, I don't get to pull these bad boys out very often, so I'll make full use of the opportunity.

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it's so cool to hate Gibson, even the federal Department of Justice hates them.

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