December 4, 2012

Dieter Moreno
I have a question for you sir:
What is it like to work at Hot Topic?
Every minimum wage job that I have ever had I hated not only that it was minimum wage but I hated the management

even more. I have never had an opportunity to know any one who works at this retail establishment until 5 minutes

ago I saw on your profile that it says you work there. So you will do for my questions.
Does Hot Topic pay more than minimum wage or no?
Does Hot Topic make you push certain products even if you don't want to?
Does Hot Topic only hire you if you wear their clothes?
Does Hot Topic terminate you if you don't wear only their clothes?
Do you have to look like one of the following to be hired: emo, scene, punk, goth? Maybe that's why they never

called me back after they interviewed me?
You don't have to respond to these questions if you don't want to. I wouldn't respond to these questions if I were

you without using an IP anonymizer and a fake account if I was you. You don't think that they are watching your

every move online on social networking sites, they are always watching you. There was an employee at FedEx who I had

a problem with whose name I will not tell you, and I was messaging him on Facebook, and the next day all of my

supervisers were all over me and told me they have evidence of what I'm doing and told me if I don't stop talking to

him on Facebook they will call the cops in addition to terminating me. They are always watching you. They know

everything. They can read your personal messages too. They have hacking tools.

HT pays minimum wage at first, but after a while you can get a raise.
What do you mean "push certain products"?
They hire anybody who they think is knowledgable enough about the stuff they sell TO work there. All I owned from HT

when I got hired were two pairs of jeans.
I'm not emo, scene, punk, or goth. Let alone I do have a pierced nose and stretched ears, your looks don't matter.

It DOES help though.

Dieter Moreno
By "push products", I mean the company tells you the sales associate that you should really focus on encouraging

customers to buy a particular product. I don't know if HT does that. I only know that Toys R Us and McDonalds do

that bc I worked there but I have never worked at HT before.
Well when they interviewed me they never had me take any kind of test on product knowledge. So is how knowledgeable

you are about their products do they determine that by how you are dressed?
Well so "it DOES help though", that basically means they won't hire you if you don't dress like that.
So my suspicions were correct. I thought that HotTopic was a misunderstood company, but now that you confessed this

I think that HT is evil.

Dieter Moreno
Perhaps you can understand my frustration at this company when I go their website, copy and paste the name of the

product of the jeans into Ebay's search engine using multiple combinations of key words by trial and error untill I

find the desired equivalent product of jeans, and I find an identical product of jeans for only $20 compared to $65

at HT.
I for one am not going to spend $65 for a pair of jeans, and I don't know what drugs people are on who buy $65

December 4, 2012

Dieter Moreno
So I guess that I ****ed up if I wore a tie, dress shirt, dress pants, and dress pants to the Hot Topic interview

and that's why they didn't call me back because I didn't show product knowledge because I wasn't wearing the

fashions that their company depicts (emo, scene, goth, punk).
Now I see that product knowledge is important and you don't know much just by looking at pictures you actually have

to wear it or you won't get it.
So its no different than a job for a truck driver requiring that you have a CDL. Its not discrimination, its just

that I was not qualified because I did not demonstrate product knowledge.
That is legal, so I think they should have said that on the application to make it fair.
I wouldn't have a problem if they would have said that on the application.
However, I still am pissed off by how outrageously expensive their clothes are.
I think that they are trying to be a monopoly on clothes for emo/scene/goth/punk, and I don't like monopolies.
There is Ebay, but most of the Ebay sellers are idiots and don't know any product knowledge and have bad pictures,

and Hot Topic uses dynamic resizable pictures with dynamic menus to select the different fashions ("Skinny", "Super

Skinny", "Stretch") and they even have video clips for each product and Ebay doesn't use Java because Ebay sucks too

bad. Ebay is from the mid 90s that predates Java. So Ebay is basic HTML.

Dude, I just work there. No need to vent to me about how much you hate the store, I could care less.

Dieter Moreno
yeah i know its not your fault it just a job like I hated working at McDonalds but I needed the money.
ok i won't vent about the store to you anymore.
Wait, who's interviewing who?

I thought this thread would illuminate the stupidity or genius issue, I really can't make up my mind here :S

It's... Well, it's something.

Question to threadstarter:
What does hottopic have to do with hardcore in any way?
I'm an asshole.
If there was a drivers license for using the internet, this thread would be the equivalent of speeding over a kindergarten class on a lunchbreak. TS's modem should be taken indefinately.
Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
TS also started an awful thread in Emo and Pop Punk which was basically him hating on some kid.

TS is an awful person. Being a douche to people isn't gonna get you any respect apart from other awful, bigoted people.
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I was a manager at hot topic for a summer in 2010. It was a really good gig and I would have kept working there if I didn't go study abroad.

1. no dress code. Just look cool. But some of the people there really don't look cool. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's no dress code. Also, as I sit here in an office, I remember how nice it was to wear earrings and not have to cover up your tatts etc. No you don't have to wear HT clothing. I actually didn't own any at the time I was working there. I did eventually get some because you get really good discounts, but yeah jeans and t shirts and you're set.

2. You can choose the music, so long as it's on the official hot topic music machine. There's a lot of crap there, but I remember when I was working it had Option Paralysis and The Great Misdirect, which would basically go on repeat. I could also check out lots of new stuff too but like I said the majority of it is meh. Still better than working at old navy and listening to nickelback.

3. Hardly anyone shops there. I mean comparatively of course. Think about it-- it's really kind of a niche scene when compared with the masses who buy clothes at old navy jc penny kohls etc.

4. there is no four. those are the only three things I can think of. But they're not bad.

The only sucky thing about working at hot topic is: they really push sales. Like I said, not that many people shop there, so when someone walks in you're expected to really push the shit on them. Almost like when I was selling cutlery out of a suitcase. You're trained to sort of pressure them and stuff, when in reality most of these people probably shouldn't be spending their money on shitty rubber black veil brides bracelets. But that's business for you I guess. All I know is that as a customer I really don't like it when people do that shit to me when I'm shopping. But I sure did to people all the time.

I agree that the OP is incomprehensible. Just trying to give the thread some direction here. Anyone else ever work retail? did you have to push sales really stupid hard?
Listen. I'm sorry.
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All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
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All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!