It was probably water weight tho.
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Thats hardly an amazing trick. Dont eat = body eats fat. He was lucky he didnt get ill from it.

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That's moronic. Do you support this, OP? Are you a teenage emo girl, OP?
Will you lose weight from this? Sure. Will it **** you up? Definitely.
Not worth it at all.
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So he went a year without replenishing his essential nutrients? Dumb.

Read the article. He was supervised clinically and was given yeast, potassium and other supplements to make sure his heart and liver could function normally.

He was getting certain nutrients, but zero calories.
Not eating makes you skinny fast. Add some jump rope and push-ups and you're gonna float away in the cool breeze. Sophomore year this emo chick I liked was starving hersel so I joined her after failing getting her to stop and I went from 185 to 155 in like a month or so. But I still have the stretch marks :/ and I weigh 175 again. Yet I look skinny now but looked hella fat before
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so is that the one weird tip my doctor hates?

A woman living in my town lost 40kg in 6 months because of it!
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I'm almost 100% certain that this is bullshit. It also doesn't address that behavioural problems associated with obesity.
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