Hi, im on ps3. When im in high hrothgard at the meeting with the greybeards (after killing the first dragon), they learn me a shout. Afther that they are supposed to sumon a target (a blue greybeard illusion) that im going to shout on. The problem is that in my case, they dosent sumon it, and they just go back to pray. Because of this i cant progress in the game. Is this quest needed or can i just ignore it whitout finishing it? If not, does that mean i have to restart the whole game? I have done alot of research on this, but i never came to a solution.
Try reloading to before the ques and try again. Theyll give you a mission after it which is integral to the main questline I believe.

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Get it on the PC and download user created patches.

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Get it on the PC and download user created patches.


But for the next gen.

Just get a PC.

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Get a PC. It's much better.

This. ^^^

Also, we do have a gaming thread running around here somewhere.
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Hi, im on ps3.

Yeah you're probably ****ed, i don't know if anyone has even advised getting a PC but id advise it.