Soo..I play maybe like 1,5 years guitar for every day, sometimes longer, sometimes just a few minutes. Thought I have picked up a guitar in class 7 occasionaly to play easy godfather soundtrack & landing in london Then just over and over again.

I only know to read tabs, and I'm a self learner. Currently I started also reading some basic tutorials, to see if I have missed s.th. important.

At home I have an acoustic, but the last few months I'm outside Germany in Albania, and got me an classic guitar here, after I started listening to Tarrega, Paco, etc.

I'm all into fingerstyle guitar, chords feel/sound to boring most of the times.

Thought I think it might not be a bad idea to get into scales, looks like I can't miss them. This one I like most from what I listened is the Phrygian Dominant - Very spanish like.

So here's what I like to "play" so far, mostly only side-by-side with tab's & with stops every once in a while:

By Sungha Jung:
- Pirates Of The Caribbean ( play this everyday )
- Grenade ( only until the chords start )
- Someone like you ( great & easy to play from start to finish )
- Rolling in the deep ( even better, but the refrain solo needs yet some work )
- She will be loved ( one of the first ones, beginning perfect, then needs work )
- This love ( also only beginning, but sounds great )
- Shape of my heart + Fragile ( Best 2 from Sting )
- Billie Jean:
1++ I love this one, took me the last 30-40 days to manage it to match the speed. Now need to work on better rhythm & perfection

Red Hot Chilli Peppers:
- Scar Tissue ( what a wonderfull beginning, then get's boring )
- Snow ( nice )
- Dani California one of the few good chord songs
- Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication Intro Jam (Live at Slane Castle)

Al Di Meola - Orient Blue ( like to play 1/3 of the song, great jazz )

B.B. King - Bad Luck Soul ( this blues sounds actually good when I play it )

Fleetwood Mac - Big Love ( great to use as practise! sounds awesome )

Beatles - Yesterday + Blackbird ( do I even have to mention these? )

Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas ( heard his name very often, this is what I liked so far )

Gary Jules - Mad World (Acoustic)

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry ( Arranged for Acoustic )

Yann Tiersen - Comptine Dun Autre Ete (Amelié

El Mariachi - Gipsy King version ( this got me into classical guitar from the movie Desperados - needs rhythm work from my part - but sounds amazing )

Spanish romance by unknown ( amaziiing !!! )

Paco Pena - Herencia Latina Rumba

Paco de Lucia - Malaguena:
This Malaguena version is very different from the rest. Spent 1 month to improve this one, one of the few I can play without tabs now.

Fransisco Tarrega - Malaguena:
Definitely in my opinion the best version of malaguena & one of my favourites. I think tremolo technique is used in this version aswell, right? Well, that needs lot of work for me

- Capricho Arabe ( just some parts & rather slow)
- Adelita ( nice piece, easier done )

Rodrigo - Concerto De Aranjuez (Adagio):
When I'm in the mood, I simply love this one

Manuel De Falla - Dance Of The Miller ( has some good sounding parts )

Agustin Barrios Mangore - La Catedral III Allegro Solemne ( I don't like very much how it sounds, but I think this is great to learn from )

John Denver - This Old Guitar ( simple, relaxed )

Fernando Sor - Andantino ( this one has class! )

Isaac Albéniz - Asturias ( Another amazing one! I need lot's of speed work on this one, can only play the very beginning )

What I wish I could play:

Tarrega - Recuerdos De La Alhambra:
Just heard last week what tremolo is, starting learning it but I think I need to work months for the speed, if not more.

Al Di Meola & Paco De Lucia - Mediterranean Sundance:
The is easy, but then it's master's only What (flamenco?) technique is Paco using for this fast 7 - 8 - 10 - 8 - 7 ?


Here are some percussive songs I stumbled 2 months ago. Can't start learning it, as I'm on classic guitar atm as I said. Are they using an amp when they hit the strings with only their left hand?

John Butler - Ocean ( Oooh my Goood! )

Tobias Rauschner - Memories ( definitely check this out, Tab you have to buy if you like it )

Antoine Dufour - In My Own Rhythms

Maneli Jamal - Cold Arrival

Dianji Estévez - Breaking the Silence

Oshio Kotaro - Libertango

Last but not least, any techniques to learn one can recommend for all these different kind of titles, besides tremolo for classic classical songs?

For example, which kind of spanish technique is this awesome guy using?

-> Jake Shimabukuro - "Let's Dance"
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Opeth - Benighted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp1zvW_g9gY

One of my favorites to play on acoustic. Rather easy to learn and sounds quite beautiful even without the vocals.
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Glad that you found s.th. new brandonian, good luck

Benigthed has some pretty nice combinations, thx!

I might add Andy McKee to the list, master of it's own, but mostly only for uber-pickers.