Vai uses a fernadez sustainer to play whispering a prayer but my only option is a sustainer pedal
will it do the same job ? (I want a low-gain sound just like the original song version )
if yes which is the best pedal to choose ?

nope. don't think so, anyway.
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nope. his tone comes from plucking the string ever so gently, then having the sustainer physically rev it up to a higher magnitude of oscillation.

you could try an e-bow. it's a bit harder to use and you wouldn't be plucking the string at all, but that's the closest you'll get.
a Boss Slow Gear might get you within passable range of the sound, but when it comes to sting dynamics, it's usually not so easy to replicate an effect through an alternative approach.

A warning about a Sustaniac pickup tho. IMO it's pretty much a one trick pony.be prepared to forego your neck tones for a device with limited applications.
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