hi all. new to the forum. just bought my first guitar and looking to pick up some tips on where to start. keep hearing start with chords but some people just say to start playing tabs. i like the tab idea at least itll sound a bit like something

plus my guitar is an Adam Black libra custom and im looking for info on it as its not i their brochure.

thanks guys.
can't go wrong with basic scales( great finger stretching exercises, and note memory) and major chords. even with tabs, odds are you're gonna need to know the chords. tabs are just a way of showing you where to play the chords. justinguitar.com has an excellent tutorial on how to get used to chords and changing between them. i highly recommend that site and throw any friends' advice in the toilet.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
@stepchildusmc you pretty much covered all of the basics, but one thing that I found extremely helpful when I first started playing the guitar was eMedia's guitar CD. The CD actually came with my first guitar but I know you can find the CD all over Amazon and the brands website, obviously. When I started using the CD I didnt want to stop. It's actually pretty addicting, which is a good thing. Hopefully you will stick with it, but guitar is one of those instruments that can open so many doors in your life. It is also a melody instrument so thats always a plus! Have fun playing!!
Hi and thanks all for the advice. Sorry for the extremely delayed reply, I've been very busy. I got the guitar of Facebook actually. Someone was selling it and it looked gorgeous so I bought it.