Ok, so after ....ing about for a year and a half, finally finding a vocalist, writing an entire album, realising it's not what we want and starting over again a year later, my band FINALLY has some shit online

We are a four piece band with me being the guitarist (not a surprise on this forum), and we play with our different influences in metal/hard rock, sometimes a bit more 'old', sometimes a bit more 'modern', and trying keeping plenty of variation with clean parts etc etc. I don't really want to call us progressive, but we do like to mix things up a bit when we can, anyway here it is!


All recorded with our home studio setup, mixed and mastered in Reaper.
Guitars and basse recorded through a VOX Tonelab ST to the laptop line-in.
Drums is our 2Box Drumit 5 set into the laptop, and vocals done with a Shure mic through our JamHub to the laptop.

Any feedback appriciated!

Oh and give us a like/follow if you want as well, that would be neat
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