I like the vocals, lyrics are all good. I'm hearing some Black Sabbath vibes here and there. But then again, I never did listen to them too much, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. I also hear some possible Tool influence, but still, maybe that's just me. Guitars and bass are good - thought the guitars needed to be louder, but turns out I just had the volume down a bit. Sounds all good. Really like it.

If you get a second, I'd really appreciate if you listed to my album, "Gatsby":
I think the guitars sound a little thin in the intro, turn the treble and the gain down a little on those. The bass drum needs a lot more kick in it, and the timing could be a little tighter in the verse. Really like the guitar part for the verses. I wish the singer had a little vibrato, if it was more dramatic that'd be cool. Ah there is some more drama near the end. If you could like have some feedback swell into the heavy section that'd be really cool. I would double the vocals in both parts of the heavy section, it'll make them sound a little more intentional. Some really cool rhythm stuff you're doing here.

I don't know, it sounds pretty much how you want it to. I would suggest to your singer trying to make his voice match more with the style, just something seems off about it. The guitar work is really fantastic on this though.

Very amateur sounding recording, though by no means bad. The fake drums are a little distracting and the vocals were clearly recorded on a sub-par microphone (and badly mixed).

On the whole it's lacking in power and punch (especially in the phantom center, seems like someone has tried to apply some kind of stereo widening?). Bring the guitars back a bit to have some big punchy drums, bass and vocals in the middle and you'll have a far more coherent mix.

The band sounds tight and pretty good but the recording itself is going to hold you back for sure.
Good song. The playing is really tight. There were a couple of places where the vocals seemed out of key, but not too bad. The main thing that would make the song better, is better production. Overall, the sound is fairly weak in terms of where I think it should be to live up to the song's potential. As kyle62 said, the recording is what's going to hold you back. If you would like any help with the mix, feel free to PM me.