Hello ! I wanna to show you my new composition. I play guitar for 11 months now, and Im still learning something new and new..

Here you go

I really want to see what you thing about my composition? If you can give me any advice, please do it !

I recorded my guitar on Behringer UCG 102 USB Guitar link , it's a cheap interface but for me it's pretty nice Btw. the guitar is Cort KX5

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Hey! I'm going to write as I listen so it'llprobably be a big wall of text sorrya bout that.

Here we go. Damn heavy as **** intro. Really enjoying the low end nice and heavy. The cymbals need a bit more presence though, at this part. The bass guitar is very gnarly and is really nice. 0:47 very nice and heavy. Gives me a kind of Metallica vibe somehow, don't know why. Definitely in a good way though. I like your snare sound. The kick could perhaps be a bit less clicky because it's a bit too present now (But then again you might be going for that). The bass guitar tone is reaaaly nice it's really making everything so fantasticly heavy. The song is nice up untill now. I'm at 2:00 and bam you add some nice leads too. The lead is subtle but effective. I'm not sure on the drum switching to the KICK-SNARE-KICK--SNARE thing at 2:00 it felt kind of cheezy to be honest. But still nice though. The double bass part at 2:40 is kind of cheezy though the song is starting to feel a bit dragged out. Like too much repetition or something. But vocals or something could really fix that. The repetition of the riff at 3:17 is nice though because that's a nice riff. The 3:26 repetition with the crash is head-bang worthy. Gave me a slight FIve Finger Death Punch vibe.

You're guitar playing is very tight for only playing 11 month! I don't think there are much people that get to recording quality playing in 11 months. I mean the stuff is not very complex or anything but you played it very tight which is the most important thing in a song. I mean it's better to play a bit simpler stuff tight then playing complexer stuff bad. The riffs are very tasty though and the use of those kind of outsideish chords at 1:14 etc. is just really tasty. Nice song! Production wise you might be able to work on the kick sound a bit but I got no other things to comment on because it's just good at is.
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