he guys, ive got an ibanez sr300 active bass, and a laney rb4 amp, but i haave a few pedals, i used to use the single power supply plug, with a daisey chain, but this creates hissing through the amp and is only reduced if i turn the treble and the higher frquencies down on the eq. so i bought a soundlab power distributor, and i have the same problem, but if i use the single supply with only one pedal, no hiss.

can anyone help with this? im using nuetrik noise reduction leads aswell.

ontop of this, i got a behringer ultra octave pedal, but i dont think its working right, if i turn it on the hissing gets worse, but even if i play a note it does sound thicker (like the octave is being played) but then it changes asthough ive hammered on the next note. can anyone advise if its supposed to sound like this?
Which pedals do you have? It sounds like you might need a power supply with isolated outputs.

Have you tested every combination of pedals to find out which is causing the hum? For example, 1 + 2, 1 + 3, 2 + 3 etc...

Also, it sounds like the tracking is a bit suspect on the octave pedal. When playing with an octave pedal, you need to make sure you make the note really clean and avoid going too low - a low A on the E string is about as far as most octave pedals go.
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thats the supply im using atm, im using behringer pedals, ive got 4, tuner, chorus overdrive and octave, each one works fine if i use the single plug on any pedal, if i use the daisy chain i get a hissing, the same with the power brick.

as for the octave ill double check but i was mainy playing around with riffs on the a and d string ill ry d ang or a bit higher up the neck.
It could the the power supply as some pedals don't take the daisy chains well, the patch cables and leads need to be tested, It could be the input jack on the pedal(s) being broken. You need to isolate the pedals and keep stacking them until you find the problem. Also the 40 dollar pedals don't help as a lot of low end digital pedals tend to have more mishaps then mid level and higher end pedals.
ok ive been playing around with the daisy chain and the power supply, if i leave the tuner in itself, fine, overdrive itself, fine, both together fine, the chorus itself creates hissing but not bad, but combines with ANY of the others, makes it worse. the ultra octave itself just sounds aweful, so much interference. add this in with the others, and its aweful. i decided to try something else though....i have an fx send and return on the back of my amp, if i use this then the hissing is almost negated. but that means i have to have more leads out on stage and if i do a gig somewhere not using my amp, im not garunteed to be able to use this method. also, i have my gain and volume at 5/10 if my guitar is plugged straigh in, and even then there is a very lwo hissing, is this normal for large amps? its also not as bad if i disconnect my 2x8 cab aswell
I have a behringer eq, synth and limiter and find they hiss a little bit, it seems thats what you get from behringer pedals. I had a similar issue with my daisy chain, I got a different chain and it seems to work a lot better, the hiss is there but reduced. adding any dirt pedal into the chain is going to bring it out more, however the order you have the pedals can make a difference. I would put them, in order, bass - tuner, octave, distortion, chorus - amp. If the chorus is hissing a lot, consider if you need it and if the octave is causing more problems then anything, loose it as well. It might be a faulty unit but if it doesn't help you then its no good. consider saving for a zoom B2 or similar.