Hello fellow UG Members.
As we all know the our voice that we hear isn't really the voice other people hear.
But how do I find out what I sound like?
For example there is this trick:
However here is my problem:
When I use the trick displayed in the video above, I think I sound pretty decent. However when I record myself on my cheap cell phone I think I sound like shit.
Does the cheap cell phone microphone really account for a huge difference?
Now what should I belief? What's correct?
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You must believe in two, but i recommend, by experience, to buy a better microphone if you wanna record your vocals... i did that thing of the "cheap cell-phone microphone" a long time ago... and i was like: "Oh my god, i suck at singing" lol, but then i bought a microphone and my recording sounded totally different... ! you can try with a Shure SM58, it isn't expensive and its very good
The cheap cell phone should be your first clue that you're not recording yourself at full fidelity. If you were and it sounded great, I wouldn't need a rack full of gear and expensive microphones to capture a singer's great voice - I could do it with a $19.99 cellphone.

Even if you have some decent recording gear, it still takes some knowledge to be able to use the tools to their full ability. It will, however, give you a better idea how you sound.