I would like some advice on how to play some parts of this solo. I'm familiar with pull offs, bends and vibrato, but i'm not sure how to play the notes according to this diagram, for example how to a play a note that is under another note that is going to be bent [like a double-stop perhaps?], a note that is between a vibrato and notes that are the same, but one is at a different position [which I assume means I play at different point, but I'm not sure what point].
the song is 'tactics' by the yellow monkey.
solo 1.png
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They want you to start out playing 14, but you bend the 14 so far that it reaches the note of the 16th fret. Another way to play this, is start out bending the 14th fret to the 15th and the moment you hit the fifteenth fret shift to the fifteenth and continue bending, that's a bit more complicated though.

This is a pull off, place one finger on the 14th and another on the 12th, play the 14th fret as you normally would, then as your releasing it apply pressure with your fingering hand and then withdraw it so that you are pseudopicking the 12th fret

same process as the 14b16, watch your position though because you're getting ready to end on the chord

Either a legato slide (from what i can tell from this tableture) or a regular slide.
Last note picked was 12, so you will pick the twelfth fret and immediatly move upwards to the 17th fret. If it's not a legato, then just move up your finger from the 12th to the 17th and pick the 17th for volume.
thanks. I'll try the shift from the 14 to 15 while bending, my fingers keep going under the top strings when i bend, this shift method might be better.
how would i play the: 14b16 with the 15 above it and the 12b~~~~14r12 with the 15 above it? it's a bit difficult to figure out the order since they're so close
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For the 14b16 with the 15 on the top string, i would use my ring finger to hold down the 15th, then use my index to push the 14th to the 16th if applicable. Otherwise, I would push to the 15th, then hammer-on the middle to 16th and continue the push.

12b14~ means bend up to 14, and once you're at 14 hold and vibrato, then just pluck the fifteenth while you're holding down the 14th.
thanks, it works kind of, i just need to keep practicing [although steel strings aren't the best for bends].
Thanks again