Been working on this today, looking to add some vocals and some more variance in time - but looking for any input you have.

Intro is interesting - pretty bluesy, the chord progression in the background especially. There are just a few parts where the background rhythm guitar conflicts with the lead, because they seem to play incredibly similar notes, and it kind of throws me off. Otherwise, solid, excellent track. I love it, feels reminiscent of Hendrix work in the tone and some of the lead work as well. Job well done!
Writing as I listen.

Intro sounds good and funky, like the guitar sounds and the multiple things going on at once. The drum enters nice and slow adding a nice backend. The bass tone is also good and enjoyable. The little solo thing at 1:00 is classy. Like it. That little run at 1:18 is a nice touch, the kind of minor-harmonic sounding thing. Solo wise it's more of a Hendrix thing then a John Frusciante somehow. It's like funky in a different way then John'd do. The more walking bass at 2:30 is a nice touch. It really gives me a kind of Motown vibe. Very old school vibe kind of thing. I like the little dynamics at 3:28 with the guitar in the background being a bit smaller. The drums starts feeling a bit boring at this point. Did they ever vary? Sounds like they've been just doing the same thing all day. Could use some fills / more dynamics to create a bit more of dynamics in the song (The little drum stop near the end is nice but it could use more of this kind of thing).

Overall: Nice song. Enjoyable listen. You have a very nice bluesyish tone in your fingers but unlike some players you have a lot of precision in your fingers as well which creates a really nice tone at the start of the chain. Combine that with your nice sounding Fender and it's a pretty killer tone. Production wise, it's good and the guitar tone is really tasty. The guitar ideas/overall ideas are really good too so, well done!
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Also writing as I listen:
I wish I could play the intro riff, thats very catchy and is a great hook. The soling is at first simple and cool then slowly gets more intricate in blues phrases. Certain scale runs and licks sound great and this is clearly an awesome track to solo over. What key is this is? I'm actually interested in learning the chords! If I could add one thing, itd be a varied middle section or jazzy chorus every now and then. But your good at soloing and its very enjoyable, especially that riff at 2:48. Great way to end then song, but a little variety needs to be added so the piece won't get stale. This song's a great example of your ability to write riffs and some pretty damn awesome solo lines, but I would like to see you add sections to this song. Pick your favorite licks and condense them and get a song structure on top of this. That'd be pretty interesting. Thanks for liking my song btw!

Wanna hear another?? :p
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Been working on this today, looking to add some vocals and some more variance in time - but looking for any input you have.


Great work Man!
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Hey man sorry bout the super super late c4c, ive been quite busy lately. Listened to ur track, I LOVED IT! Very soulful playing. Drums could have been a little louder imo, but in the long run, it worked for sure. My favorite part is the bend from 2:40, and the notes from there to 2:43. DUG THAT MAN! Great job, and again sorry for the late crit!