I found a part-complete neck in my cupboard, so figured it would be good experience to knock a body up and complete it as a project. The neck is glued and planed, with the headstock ready to go. I have a fingerboard slotted ready for it, which I'm hoping to glue on tomorrow.

Superstrat (Flat) 24
Slightly slanted Superstrat style body:
Two piece poplar body
Final thickness of ~45mm
Black celluloid binding
Painted gloss finish (probably white)

Thin U-shaped neck:
Three piece maple and purpleheart neck with a 11-13° scarfed headstock
Set-neck construction

Purpleheart fingerboard:
25.5" scale and 24 jumbo frets
12" fingerboard radius
Black mother of pearl dots (6mm)
Black celluloid binding

Hardware and electrics:
Either gold TOM or black nickel modern 2-point trem (Strat style)
Rest of hardware to match bridge
EMG 81 and EMG 85


I routed the control cavity fully on the rear, did a lot of sanding, routed recesses for pickup height adjustment screws, routed for binding on the body and installed binding on the headostock. I was quite liberal with the black superglue, hence the couple of stains - there's still a lot of sanding to do.

I'm hoping to get the fingerboard glue on tomorrow.
that looks really cool

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Eurgh, I think that this poplar is giving me contact dermatitis from dust when I work it. Never using it again, if it is.
Awesome man!

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Thanks, guys! I've got a really busy weekend, but I'm hoping to keep things rolling with this and my other builds on Sunday.
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I hadn't noticed how funky that binding is before. Like it.

I know, right?! I'd been looking for that stuff for ages, then BOOM