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I am in the course of buying a new guitar and I have a few questions regarding the Tom Delonge ES-333. My funding for a new guitar is $300-$499. The current guitar I have is a made in Mexico stratocaster hand-me-down that has a good amount of problems. I was looking into the Tom Delonge ES-333 and I heard it's only good for playing punk. I mainly play alternative rock; music like The Smashing Pumpkins. Other bands' music that I play are Blink-182, Nirvana, and Silversun Pickups. Anyone know if this guitar is a good choice? Thanks ^^
thats a one trick pony of a guitar IMO, if its the model with only the Bridge Pickup you will be limiting yourself...especially for decent cleans other than bridge. You'd be better off with something with at least the 2 humbuckers unless you go with a better strat.
If you want the ES-333 body style, get the Epiphone DOT and swap the bridge pickup at least.

I agree with WaltTheWerewolf something like a decent used Fender Strat.

With your budget of $500 you can get used Gibson SG Specials and if your lucky a LP Studio. I started playing guitar in '93ish when Grunge was the genre and I used an LP clone that worked just fine for everything.
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I use to be like you. I really wanted that guitar for maybe a year. Then one of my buddies got one and I used it for a gig. The thing does not get cleans at all. You'll out grow it in a few months when you figure out it only really does one sound. I myself was a huge fan and wanted that guitar like crazy but its really not worth it in the end.

An Epi Dot with some new pickups would suit you alot better. Probably cheaper to.
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