As the sun light rises, above the strawberry field
That free summer spirit - a magic, that seems so unreal
It was through these fields, wise men from the east spoke
They would wonder these lands, as the water would float

Through the strawberry fields, where tales were told
My days spent with you here , were worth more than gold
That sweet scent of summer, with your hand in mine
Time could only tell, if there was love here to find

Along winter came, as sharp as a knife
Where-ever I turned to, you were nowhere in sight
Little did I know, this knife would end your life
The last words you said were "it will be alright"

how is this? It's my very first attempt at writing a song!
Last edited by Gingerlocks at May 27, 2013,
It's ok, have you recorded that? Cause the lyrics and the music should follow one another to make whole song well sounding