I just got myself a nice Taylor acoustic and really liked the pickup, so I wanted to get an amp to play around with, but I know nothing about amps... Any thing to look out for? Any good inexpensive models or companies? I was thinking I would try looking on craigslist, any reason I shouldn't buy a used one or tips on things to check out if I go to take a look at one?

Also, I am seeing a lot of amps display their watts. What does this mean? I guess I plan on plugging it right into a wall outlet, if that helps. Sorry... I just know nothing about amps!

The watts of an amplifier is how much power they deliver to the speaker, which is representative of how loud they are. More amps = more loud


These are decent amps for low cost. For acoustic guitars there are dedicated acoustic amps (Sometimes made by the "Acoustic" company, sometimes not) that usually have different voicing and features than amps made for Electric guitars. More expensive amps get you features like phase inversion, feedback notch-filters and better on-board effects.
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It might sound a bit "rude", but why exactly does one need an amplifier for an acoustic guitar? I mean, you're not going to play on the street or so, only anoy your neighbours :P
You can change the way it sounds a fair bit, depending on the controls you have either on your pickup or your amplifier. I plan on using it my room for more volume without having to play hard, as well as boosting the treble when I am playing picking and boosting the bass when I am strumming. It gives you the ability to adjust and have fun with the guitars original sound. You can also add things like loop pedals and such, but I really don't know much at all about that.
You may want to look at the new Peavey Vypyr VIP series. thes amps are for acoustic/electric, electric and bass guitars. So this way if you want to get an electric guitar you will have an amp that will work fine with that also
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if you plan on sticking with only the acoustic for a while, i'd look more at a dedicated acoustic amp. if your not utterly concerned with volume but want versatilty and whatnot, you could look into doing the yamaha thr series. youd be able to plug it right into your computer and record if thats what your interested in.

otherwise, i can definately understand your want for an amp especially when it comes to using it for a looper. i'd get a dedicated acoustic amp (i havent played any so i really can't make a reccomendation) and then have fun with it. look into the TC electronic flasbhack X4. its a delay pedal but can be used as a looper as well. kills two birds with one stone
Somehow I'm thinking that I am the only one who actually mic's acoustics?

If not i would go with an acoustic amp (not the brand) check and see what is on the market.
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It might sound a bit "rude", but why exactly does one need an amplifier for an acoustic guitar? I mean, you're not going to play on the street or so, only anoy your neighbours :P

An acoustic amp is voiced towards acoustic guitars better than a typical PA system or electric guitar amp. And then you typically gain a few effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, or at least an amp to use those effects with.

More-or-less it adds a little more versatility and a substantial amount of volume to an acoustic without having to lug around a PA system.
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