Hope this isn't considered off topic in this forum, but I thought it might be nice to recount any lessons you ever learnt that really stand out as having shaped your playing.

Mine came from my cousin. I'd been playing guitar for about a year, and I bought myself a second hand pretty high quality guitar, and a decent practice amp. I'd had these about three months, and had been messing around with the tone controls trying to get what I believed would be a 'decent' sound.

Then one day my cousin came round, and he'd been playing about 10 years. I asked him to have a look at my guitar, and let me know if he felt I'd been ripped off, or if what I'd spent was fair.

Well, he picked up the guitar, plugged in the amp, and the darned thing sang so sweetly. He didn't touch a knob or a dial, just made it sound like angels weeping.

I learned that day that making a guitar sound really amazing is not about twiddling with electronics, it's about great technique and expressive playing. It took me a year of playing an average six hours a day before I felt I had anything like his tonal control, but that was definitely the best lesson I ever learned from another player.