Very well done! Keep it up man i would like seeing more.

I am currently attempting to record some Maiden Backing tracks:

The idea is creating Maiden BT's for all instruments, i am currently playing the guitars and programming virtual Bass/Drums. Trying to get as close as i can to real sounding instruments/Maiden tone. Do you have any tips on how to achieve Steve's tone?

You are welcome to contribute if you want to record the bass for any Maiden song (preferably not the "famous" ones, wich already have good BTs available).

Also if there is a specific Maiden song you wanted to have a BT with just the Drums and guitars, let me know! i would be happy trying to create it

I have a couple of Bts available in my profile, i am still learning how to improve them but i think its already sounding nice.

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Cheers for the feedback! Yeah I'd definitely be interested in doing some of that Iron Maiden stuff in the near future, been learning up Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. Tone-wise it's pretty much as I said in the intro post, although I'm using both pickups in the clip - the neck pickup by itself sounds even closer to Steve's tone.
Good playing! It was just a bit quiet in my opinion. Please check out my video on my youtube, EdmontonKid98
Awesome to see and hear you finger it instead of a pick! sounds great, excellent job!