ok .. my budget i up to 1700$
i want a strat that can make the most bluesy singel coil vintage sound.. buddy guy eric clapton hank marvin.
i have tried the american standard and loved it, the american deluxe didn't sound good to me.. what about the eric clapton signature? or g&l ? i want maple fretboard
If you don't mind going second hand you could try to look for a tom anderson s the classic
If you loved the American Standard...that might be a good clue as to which strat you should get?
What didn't you like about the Deluxe btw? I am considering one myself actually. Was it the lack of the traditional singlecoils?
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I've owned a Custom Shop designed 50's Classic Player series for over a year now, and every time I pick it up the bluesy tone amazes me, I'd highly recommend checking them out
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the custom is more then 1700$ ain't it?
and about the deluxe, the compound radius didn't fit my hand well and the pickups just dont sound like a true strat.. and i dont look for a versatil guitar i look for a specific vintage sound
what do you think about g&l legacy or eric clapton's guitar?
If you want to emulate the Clapton / Buddy Guy sound, I wouldn't get a G&L. The Legacies and Comanches aren't Strat copies, they're entirely different guitars. They look the same, but they definitely have a chunkier/heavier feel, and the tones are more pronounced and forward in the mix. They're fantastic, fantastic lead guitars, so if you're looking for something to fly around the fretboard with, a Legacy is a great choice. If you want to get the same chicken'pick sound out of the guitar like Eric does, or the swelling volume rolls like BG, I'd stick with a Fender.
The Eric Johnson Strat is my favorite of all the stratocasters I've played. The construction is impeccable, and the tone is amazing. I highly recommend looking into it, especially with your budget being $1700.
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what does the eric johnson feature better the the american standard?
Yeah, the N3 pickups in the Am. Deluxe are pretty vanilla, clean Strat. I say go with the American Standard or if you want to save $ and still get a good guitar the Mexican Roadworns are pretty awesome.
AVRI 56 over the deluxe and the MIA.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

I have an AM STD strat and I'm really happy with it, best guitar I've ever played and it's the one I'm keepin' till I die! Couldn't ask for a better guitar! Good for funk, punk, blues, rock and even metal. I've got an 2011 model, with the 2012, you get Fat 50's pickups, and they've been getting plenty of good reviews. I say go for the standard, but you should try the AVRI series and EJ & EC first, because strat people seem to worship those guitars!
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Just get out there and play some guitars within your budget and pick the one that sounds and feels right to you. Asking in here for an opinion is a bit silly as opinions are like ^£&*$( everyone's got one...

Personally I've only just managed to buy myself a real Fender US strat, the hand stained honeyburst American Special. There were other strats in the shop (both US and Mexican made) that alledgedly had better specs and I could afford them as well, but that one felt and sounded right.

This model:

What mattered to me was how it played and sounded. It looks good as well which helps