Hey guys, I'm going to be modifying the finish on my ESP LTD MH300 that I've had for the past 15 years or so. I've never been fond of the color so I'm hoping I can find a little love in a satin version of the same color. I'll try to keep you guys up on the process so you can reproduce the effect if you'd like.

Currently there are next to not scratches or blemishes on the guitar. When taken care of an ESP/LTD guitar WILL last a lifetime. Hopefully my dumbass will be able to put the guitar back together after I take it apart.

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Looks like a good job. Your lack of replies is probably due to most people liking the gloss better. I personally think it looked a lot better glossy.

Yea. I normally like glossy better, but I figured what the hell. I'm going to change it up. The thread was more to show off the job I did. I've seen a lot of people asking how to do this on different forums. I actually think the flamed maple looks great with a satin finish. Its unique.

I'm getting into a lot of woodworking and guitar building lately so I need to start showing off some of what I can do.
Done a lovely smooth job on that, I think I personally prefer the satin look. But prefer it with all guitars rreally. Good Job
I like the satin look to! Looking forward to your tutorial. Really interested in how you've acomplished that nice lookin satin!