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Corvette Blues

It doesn't change the thing that I have a little died inside
If you think you're above all these things you just can't deny
The old withered roses in a vase where I have left them
And the same road, the same time we are walkin' both again

And it's been a long while

Since I first saw your pretty smile
Since I wanted to tell you Hi
But you just flew away the sky
With a green rose by your side

I'm pretendin' on bein' like nothin' has change
I'm still tryin' to catch yourself in a cage
And never make you realize really who am I
You wouldn't be allowed to say goodbye

Forever like a bird

In your little cage in your skirt
Without bein' afraid of a bear
With a long green cane and a beard
You won't catch the effort as a third

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4vHMPoQL4Q