My friends uncle is selling a double cut Maestro by Gibson for 125$. I understand they are not a Gibson, but i was wondering if they are any good. It seems like a good deal to me, but i havn't heard the best things about Maestro, I just want a second opinion, thanks.
This is a Maestro SG

Even Henry J don't like it much.....

The Maestro-Series is one step below Epi Specials or Juniors.....
that is a $99 new guitar. it is worth maybe $65 tops .

avoid it like the plague
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$100 brand new at Toy'R'Us that should give you an idea of its quality and value. I would personally buy a cheap bolt on neck Epiphone before that. No Offense, but probably not worth your hard earned cash.
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Maestros are about as bad as it gets. For $125 you’re getting a guitar that’s worse than a $90 Epiphone. You can do better with low end Epiphone, Jay Turser, and SX guitars.
I have a Maestro acoustic and I actually like the sound of it, it's very bright and smooth, but it is literally impossible to keep it in tune. The tuning pegs are horrible, they just spin without really winding the string and they're so loose they feel like they're just gonna fall off the guitar. When you pick it up it just feels like a cheap guitar. Definitely not worth it
I have a maestro by gibson sg and it sounds good in standard and drop D tuning, but any lower it gets a slight bong sound on the bass string unless you fret somewhere. other than that, it is actually pretty good.