WTB: Gibson Firebird Zebrawood 2007 - Offer = £1000/$1500 - Reward for info

In 2007 Gibson launched the guitar-of-the-week series during which it made runs of various guitars. Week number 12 was the Firebird V with Zebrawood wings.

A few have reported seeing them in stores:

[forbidden link]

If you are a private individual/guitar store who happens to own or comes across a Gibson Firebird Zebrawood in good condition (no nicks or restoration, professional or otherwise), should you wish to sell it, a firm offer of $1500/£1000 is available from me. Im happy to collect if in UK/ happy to find shipping if not.

If you don't own one but know somebody selling one and put me in touch, there is £10/$15 reward should I go on to buy it. So keep your eyes peeled folks!

As soon as someone contacts me and accepts, I shall remove this thread. Henceforth, if you can view this thread the offer is still available.

Please feel free to drop me an email here: s5jordan5s@hotmail.com
haha sorry bout the links. Not posted before on this forum. Email address = s5jordan5s at h.o.t.m.a.i.l.com