Hey guys, I'm a huge bass guy so i dont know too much about guitars, but im searching to buy a new guitar for primarily home recording and jamming!

Primarily, I like to play more pop-y/alternative/slightly punk music (lots of distorted power chords, mostly like bomb the music industry, arctic monkeys and neutral milk hotel with a more punk twist). I like a richer, a bit more crunchy sound than standard punk though. kind of like the main riff of icky thump by the white stripes, but being able to retain a nice treble low distortion tone like in pixes where is my mind, but having a nice and bright classic fender tone when played clean.

I tried out the telecaster blacktop hh at a local music store and i set my mind that it was the guitar i was going to buy. Loved the sharp mids, warmer tone and the long sustain that i didnt find present in the normal tele's. To put it in perspective, i tried every standard fender model with hh's and their standard pickup configs with a handfull of middle range guitars (ibanez, shector, esp, gresch, gibson, epiphone) all were >$700.

The blacktops go for $500, and i found none used in the area

On the other hand, i just looked online and a posting opened up today with someone trying to sell a spalted maple hh tele for $600. Quite different, hosting two Seymour Duncan humbuckers and a full solid mahogany body. ive read reviews and i hear it rips

The problem is the model is discontinued, so there are none in the local music stores, so i cant try it out. However, im very interested, since i hear it sounds kind of like a les paul, solos awesomely but still has a bit of that fender brightness to it (plus non floating bridge! awsome). Maybe that would add a bit of more versatility and give me more of that warm crunch than the blacktop hh.

So my question to you guys is have you played any of the two, and what can you say about them? Since the maple hh is so diffrent than a standard tele, does it sound anything like a hh telecaster when played clean? also, the spalted maple hh usually runs for $800-900, and the guy selling it had it for a year, never giged, so its a better deal in my eyes

EDIT: also, the spalted maple tele is about a 2 hour drive away too, which is a pain, but if its worth it ill do it

Also, ill most likley be using it with a 100w solid state amp. most likley the fender mustang. I dont have the money to drop on a tube!
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