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I've had this problem for a few months now. The volume pot on my guitar is graced at the base (where the skinny part meets the wider part). The amp gets very staticky when the guitar is plugged in, and you can't hear any difference when you play a different note. I'm wondering if I need a new piece or if it can be fixed with solder? Also should I take it in to a pro or can I replace it myself? I attached a pic of the pot to this.


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EDIT: I'm getting the vibe that this can easily be fixed, however I also have the problem that I'm relatively new to electronics in guitars, so could someone give me a link for the wiring map?
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If you can figure out how to use a soldering iron it will take you about fifteen minutes to fix it.
Go to radioshack they sell a cheap soldering iron set and pots you can fix this for 12 bucks.
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Buy a new one

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