okay so every time i try to do hammer ons or tapping i just can't they sound very thin and could barely hear them, usually the 1st one in tapping is correct but then the hamer ons just start to fade away until you can't hear them. and they just dont sound right, i've seen so many lessons but still cant do them even if i pull off a bit to the side... can someone explain in full detail please...
could it have anything to do with action cause my action is pretty low.

i want to be able to do them like the guy in this video at 1:11

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probably you don't have that much strength on your fingers, just keep practicing.
The only way I managed to learn was hammering on from index to middle repeatedly, so many times I lost count. Screw it up repeatedly, over and over again, then get it right once or twice, then keep repeating it until you stop screwing up as much. Then when you never want to hear another ****ing hammer-on ever again, you've got it right. Then you move onto the next finger, keep repeating until hammer-ons make you want to murder puppies. Eventually all your fingers will be trained to hammer-on. Congratulations! Time to move on to pull-offs. Then, when you can both hammer on and pull off, tapping should be fairly simple, atleast it was for me; but then I don't tap a lot, I just do it for fun most of the time (I like to have 'tap battles' with some of my friends).

So, you know, in other words - practice.
trust me forget about lessons and the action of your guitar, just keep tapping any given fret as hard as you can till your fingertips hurt. take a break until the pain's gone and repeat.. It'l feel and sound natural once you've practised enough. same goes with bending, trills and vibrato.
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Strength is never the issue with guitar technique. Your fingers can grip 100+lb objects already; they can most certainly move a tiny wire 2mm. The issue is using your innate strength at the correct angles and times.

Keep your fingers curled like pianist and try to get as much power into that 1/2" as possible. Think of it like Bruce Lee's "6 inch Punch". Keep the hand and forearm relaxed and let your fingers do the work.

What exercises or warm ups do you do for hand hammers/pulls (left hand legato)? How much time per day or week do you spend working on them? What BPM is your limit for good hammer-ons?

If those questions give you trouble, consider a better practice routine first!
If that happens while you're playing through your amp, maybe it's because you don't mute other strings properly and they are creating noise which muffles your hammers and pull-offs.